This program will show you how to ditch the paper and go mobile! Save up to 5 hours on every transaction!

Training Includes


Discover how to use Real Estate's Must Have Apps in the mobile age

Save Time

Save time with Buyers - show fewer homes on your tours (in the iPad for Buyers video section)


Impress Sellers - and get more referred listings! (in the iPad for Sellers video section)

“Done for You”

“Done for You” Real Estate Checklists to accurately document your appointments - every time.

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The Features

Boost Your Productivity
In this step-by-step training program, you will learn the best practices that we've created to boost your productivity with buyers and sellers. iPad® for Real Estate™ will show you how to cut your number of buyer tours, wow your seller, beat your competition, secure more listings and produce a 5-star experience for your clients by using your mobile device - and saying NO to paper!
Become Paperless
First, you'll learn get your iPad ready for business - this includes all the basics that you'll need to know before you begin impressing your buyers and sellers.
Half the Buyer Tours
In our Buyers module, you’ll learn the secrets to reducing your buyer tours using your mobile technology, with easy-to-use apps such as Evernote, Mortgage Payment Calculator, DocuSign Ink,, and Maps.
Win More
The Sellers module will teach you how to beat your competition and wow your clients on your listing appointments to generate more referrals! Learn how to use our step-by-step seller system and deliver an outstanding listing presentation using Evernote, Keynote, Numbers, DocuSign, and more!

The Team

Chris Scott
Marketing and business development expert Chris Scott has led product and marketing efforts for award-winning, fast growth organizations and serves as the President of The Paperless Agent.
Garry Wise
Garry Wise has over 20 years of real estate experience, and literally grew up in the industry. As Co-founder of The Paperless Agent, Garry works in the trenches to bridge between tech and real estate.
Krisstina Wise
Krisstina Wise is CEO of GoodLife Team, and leads one of most technologically advanced real estate companies in the U.S.. She is an “Inman Innovator of the Year” while being recognized by Apple.

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The Testimonials

Jan Daum
Berkshire Hawthaway HomeServices | Texas Realty

I don't consider myself a tech savvy person - not like some of the other new agents out there. But with the Paperless Agent's help, I've been able to get my files and lifestyle on the paperless track and have made leaps and bounds in my use and comfort with real estate technology. Thank you to the team at The Paperless Agent!

John Diaz
John Diaz
Exit Advanced Solutions Realty
Exit Advanced Solutions Realty

"I have used your systems to take my real estate business to a completely new level. It has not only simplified my real estate business but I find myself using some of the systems to simplifiy other areas of my personal life.... I highly recommend the Paperless Agent training system to any agent..."

Donna Bigda
RE/MAX Alliance

"The Paperless Agent iPad® for Real Estate™ is the best training available... The cost of the training is a mere pittance compared to the business you can get using it."

Pearl Ahlquist
Pearl Ahlquist
RE/MAX Alliance
RE/MAX Alliance

Since the market crashed my production has gone down. I was contemplating quitting the business, and I found this program.

This program will end up saving my career.

I don't know how to thank you guys.

Stuart Sutton
RE/MAX Alliance

Thanks to The Paperless Agent, I have been a paperless agent for some time now. Because of my ability to access and present information immediately, prospects do not have to wait on information to make decisions… when I walk out the door, all I have or need is my iPad, and that makes my life a whole lot easier...Thanks again!!

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